6 steps to achieving a luxury lifestyle

Chloe Bucknell

Here are CB Digitals tips and tricks to a luxury lifestyle in just six simple steps.

Take time for yourself 

Try to adapt your schedule and routine to take a day to yourself. Do the things you want to do, something that makes you feel happy, calm and relaxed. 

Not only will this slow down your jam-packed month, but it will also help you gain a more positive mindset.

If you’re in a job that carries stress, taking this time to focus on you will help relieve that.

It will also improve your sleep and prioritise things you perhaps didn’t realise were important to you at the time.

If you’re a person who loves a routine and the idea of stopping that for a day to yourself sounds more like being ‘lazy’, make it part of your routine. 

If it becomes part of your day/month, it will feel normal and it will help declutter your brain. As well as letting yourself accept that taking a self love day is TOTALLY ok.

Digital Detox!

Here at CB Digital Design we know the value and importance of using the digital world to develop your business and establish yourself online. 

It’s all about moving with the times and keeping paying attention to the trends in our forever changing, fast paced world. 

 We also know and recognise the equal value in taking time away from the screen, away from the social media platforms and just enjoying the present. 

An article written by Erik Winther Paisley, stated 8 out 10 people found taking time away from the online world to be liberating. 

It can help reduce anxiety and improve mental health. Mental health is a major problem in the world and even though we are an online business here to help you, we can understand completely that social media and the virtual world can have a big impact on mental health.

Taking a digital detox for even a few hours in the day will help clear your mind, rationalise your thoughts. When you return you’re bound to feel more fresh and look at posts in a different way.

Live a healthy life

Live a healthier life, and I don’t mean just eating salad and kale for the rest of your days. 

Of course eating healthy makes you feel good and strong, but think about different ways to live out a healthy life. Whether that be slowly detaching yourself from negative people, or going for a walk once a day. 

Tidy house, tidy mind! When you’re living in a space that’s messy or cluttered, you increase the chances of being in a bad/unhealthy headspace. It’s proven that having a tidy home or space will make you more proactive and productive in a day and also keep you feeling calm.

If you are trying to work in an office or at a table covered in papers where you can’t find exactly what you need, of course your brain is going to feel stress and pressure. If it’s tidy you know exactly where things are and that stress melts away.

Appreciate the smaller things in life

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact. 

Think about the little things that happen in everyday life and appreciate them for what they are. The more you value the little things the happier you’ll be. 

For example, we love a glass of wine watching our favourite Netflix show in the evening after a long day at work. How relaxing and enjoyable does that sound!

A friend sending you a message for a catch up even if it’s only a small conversation. Appreciate the time that person took out their own day to see how you’re doing.

Or even just a smile from somebody you’re passing in the street. All these simple everyday things can have a major impact on your mood when you place them all together.

Develop on your friendships/relationships

The people you surround yourself with, is one of the key parts of that luxury lifestyle you may be searching for. 

Friendships and relationships are so valuable, especially now more than ever. 

Equally, think about the people who may have a more negative effect on your life, think about that relationship you have with them, does it benefit you? Do you feel happy and excited to talk with them? Or is this relationship toxic? Doing more harm than good? 

Reach out to old and new friends, sometimes those connections you may have lost could be better now than they used to be. Talk to old friends and see how they are doing too.


Having a regular sleeping pattern is so important to achieving a luxury lifestyle. 

Improving the quality of your sleep is so beneficial to everyday life.

You’ll be more productive, feel more energised and your mood will improve. 

Getting in the recommended 8-10 hours of rest will help improve your health and lower your stress levels!

When you have a chaotic sleep routine the hours you have awake will generally be less productive and less stable. 

I hope you find this article useful to getting that luxury life! 

Remember it’s all already there, you just have to focus on what means most to you.

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