Christmas Marketing for E-Commerce Businesses

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It’s safe to say that Christmas is going to be different this year, with the vast majority of the general public not being able to shop in person like they usually would.

 And as the festive season draws closer, online businesses will be busier than ever, with around 52% of shoppers in the UK admitting they prefer Black Friday to all other pre-Christmas sales.

 So, making sure your eCommerce business is ready for December is a TOP PRIORITY.

 But how do you make sure that your business is Black Friday & Christmas season savvy?

 CB Digital Design is here to help!

 We have the best tips to make sure your eCommerce business is well-prepared for the holiday season.

1. Make Your Website Phone-Friendly
Mobile Phone Optimisation

We live in an age of excellent technology and of course, convenience.

Meaning most of your customers will turn to quick-buying gifts on their mobile phones.

Mobile traffic now makes up over 50% of web traffic according to StatCounter.

So, no matter what services/products you provide, during peak shopping times, customers will want to shop online with ease.

Make your website is easy to navigate so customers can easily click from page to page without confusion.

Consider a one-click purchase option on your products, meaning previous customers or long-term buyers have the ability to buy their products with ‘one-click’, as their payment details have already been used on your website.

Optimizing your mobile-website navigation is the key to an easy buying experience for your customers.

2. Offer Your Customers Reduced Prices – But Base it on Industry

 During the Black Friday SALE weekend … of course your customers are looking for reduced prices.

However, the vast majority of companies in your industry will also be applying discounts to their products/services.

Monitor and research what your competitors are doing and work out how you can make your company stand out from the crowd.

Creating hype around your discounted products on social media leading up the Black Friday launch can also help to bring more traffic to your site and get customers excited!

After all, who doesn’t love a discount!

It is so important to get ahead of the game.

Start promoting early to increase excitement amongst your customer base and spread the word via social media channels!


3. Make Your Customers Feel like VIPs

 It is always a great idea to make your existing customers feel extra special.

You should make additional offers for the customers who continuously support your brand.

Shopify Plus Statistics show that VIP emails more than likely only make up 3 – 5% of your email list.

However, they tend to spend three times more than other customers.

Don’t forget about your new customer base as well!

Offering extra discounts for first time buyers on top of the Black Friday and Christmas deals can drive more traffic to your website.

You want customers to continue buying from your company, with or without a sale!

This will in turn ensure customer loyalty and spread awareness of your brand.


4. Prepare, prepare … and then prepare Some More

Out of all the tips in this article, it’s safe to say that this one is the most important.

Preparation is key!

Preparation for Christmas sales makes your customer’s shopping experience simpler and will save you from a wide variety of stressful situations.

Have back-up plans for any problem that might arise.

Provide great customer service for customers with complaints, plan for sold out products, pre-pack products and speak to your couriers in advance to make sure customers will get their products on time.

Doing this will save you any stress when Black Friday weekend comes around and will allow you to focus on making your customer’s shopping experience the best it can be.

Online Shopping
5.  Discount Codes

Customers might be expecting a code for their Black Friday discount, but remember … you won’t be the only company sending codes out!

Which is why you need to plan your discount strategy in advance.

Create a graphic with your code that can be used in emails and on social media to remind your customers.

Promoting your code on social media is also essential so that customers don’t have to leave your page to find the code.

The more in your face, the better!


6. Who Doesn’t Love a Gift Set?

Gift sets are a hit during the Christmas season, so use this as a way to promote your business.

Using your best-selling products, put together a gift set for a reduced price.

This way, you’ll be able to persuade customers to buy more than one product.

Customers are also drawn to products if they’re marketed as ‘gift sets’, because it seems like a better deal as they get more for a cheaper price.

So, selling gift sets is a great Christmas target.

Use your best products to your advantage and promote your ‘gift sets’ on all of your social media platforms.

Everyone loves a bargain!


7.  What is Your Company’s Unique Selling Point (USP), Utilize It!

As we’ve already mentioned, you won’t be the only business planning for Christmas sales this year!

But there’s always something about your business that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s the products you sell, the way your products are made, the way you promote your business, the price of your products … and the list goes on!

Capitalize on your USP and use it to your advantage.

Your USP could be the factor that puts your business MILES ahead of the competition!


8. Black Friday Tactics Should Be Top Notch

Black Friday is next week!

According to Numerator ‘Black Friday and holiday-themed advertising declined from last year between October 1 and November 22’, because customers had been buying holiday gifts all your round.

Which is why you need to make sure your Black Friday tactics are up to scratch and well thought out!

Organise your mailing list to make sure your customers, both new and old, are aware of your Black Friday deals and promote on social media well before the big day.

Use methods like free shipping, next day delivery or complimentary gifts with certain purchases to persuade customers to buy from your company.

The aim is to drive as much traffic and sales to your website as you can!

Black Friday is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and if you do it right, the sales on your site should extend throughout Christmas.

So, keep these tips in mind when you’re preparing for the sales.

And remember …

The holiday season comes and goes every year, but an effective sales strategy can provide you with long-standing customers … as long as they enjoy their shopping experience!

Take advantage of this second lockdown!

Now, more than ever, it is the time to make your business strategies count!

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 From planning your entire marketing strategy to website mobile optimisation, our team will ensure that your business is successful over the festive period and beyond.

Gracie Pritchard

Gracie Pritchard

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