Ecommerce business trends in 2021

Chloe Bucknell

eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of products, goods or services over the Internet. An industry that is taking over following the Covid-19 pandemic!

We have therefore compiled a list of the top eCommerce trends to watch out for this year. And don’t worry, it’s never too late in the year to start!

1. Brands building creative new digital experiences

Consumer behaviour is changing and in turn reshaping the future of retail.

Customers now have a desire for immediacy and convenience. The disappearance of changing rooms meant that there had to be alternatives. 

Brands use tools such as AR (augmented reality) to virtually try on products at home or in store.

Zara is set to launch an augmented Reality app to allow users to try clothes on virtually.

2. Offline eCommerce

Though eCommerce is taking over the high street, there’s still a space for high street retail but perhaps not in the way we know now. We will be seeing more pop-up shops and interactive kiosks of businesses we know only to be online. 

Brands like Birchbox who were solely online joined in on the trend and in turn created more awareness of the brand.

3. Advanced customisation 

Many products online can now be fully customised and tailored to exactly what a customer would like. From colours and designs on shoes to personalised and engraved gifts. 

Though customisation is not new, providing it efficiently at an affordable cost is. 

3D printers are making it easier to customise products and with them becoming cheaper – products will follow. 

For example, Nike allows consumers to fully create their own shoes.

4. Smart home assistants/voice shopping

Although it may be unexpected, 20% of smart speaker users such as Google Home or Alexa have been using them for shopping activities including ordering products, researching products or setting reminders.

This figure is expected to jump by 30% in the next four years. You should be making your business products or services searchable by voice. 

5. Smart marketing

Chatbots, email marketing, remarketing and social media are all huge factors in eCommerce. Making personalised ads, experiences and data analysis easier. 

A totally unexpected turn in eCommerce means we cannot predict anything! – But this blog post will be sure to help you navigate the latest trends that are keeping online shoppers shopping. 


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