eCommerce Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

Chloe Bucknell

Following the Covid-19 pandemic eCommerce sales skyrocketed, increasing by 77% in one year. Prior to 2020, experts estimated this sort of jump would take 4-6 years.

For an eCommerce business owner, there are two sides to these figures:

  1. The market is healthier than ever, with customers shopping solely online!
  2. Is the market becoming overcrowded? And has this tripled the competition for online businesses.

The internet is now flooded with budding entrepreneurs and business owners. All trying to attract customers and increase online purchases.

However, this is not a reason to feel intimidated.


    1. google shopping ads

    Google Shopping Ads are crucial for eCommerce, especially fashion, lifestyle and product based businesses.

    You are targeting people whose intention was to come online and shop.

      If someone searches for your product, you will show at the top of their search engine results.  You can display details such as price, images, offers and more. The person who searched for your product can see straight away whether it matches what they wants. If it does, all they must do is click through to your website and purchase.

      A successful eCommerce business is all about making the user journey as easy as possible. We live in a very fast-paced world, where we don’t have much time to focus our energy looking through a website. But, if the product is there in front of us and it’s what we searched for, buyer activity is inevitable

      So, launching a Google Shopping Campaign is a no brainer! But, if you’re not sure how… our in-house experts can jump on a power hour training call with you. We also offer ads packages where we test, optimise and report.

      Google Shopping Ads

      And remember… sometimes ads take a while to get going but even if you are getting clicks in month one, this still shows a positive action taken by a consumer.

      2. shopping on instagram

      Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently announced that the app will be prioritising eCommerce businesses.

      We therefore recommend levelling up your Instagram game now! Start posting lots more product focused video content, engage with your customers and run Instagram advertisements.

      But, most importantly, make sure you have a business profile and understand your way around the shop set up on Facebook (Instagram’s parent company).

        Shopping on Instagram | Instagram Marketing

        Once you have uploaded your products to Facebook, you will be eligible to tag your products on posts and stories (on both apps). Please remember that Facebook has very strict monetisation rules and it does take time to approve products.

        Instagram shopping means the users who see your organic content no longer need to click the ‘link in bio’ or navigate your website. They can simply click on the product they’re interested in, and Instagram will take them to the page on your website to purchase.

        Following Mosseri’s announcement, we expect this function to only get better.

        Often when Instagram focus on a feature, the algorithm will favour the accounts using it and push their content. So, be sure to set up Instagram Shopping if you haven’t already!

        3. customer reviews

        If you’re struggling to turn page views into sales, promote your positive customer reviews! They instil trust and invite prospect customers to make a purchase.

        This tactic is proven to increase conversion rates. Adding ratings and reviews on your product pages is a tested and straightforward way to turn more site visitors into customers.

        Reviews also make great content on social media, encouraging followers to trust your brand and putting you ahead of other businesses competing in your industry.

        If you’re a fashion or product based businesses, this is so important to do. 

          4. pop-ups on your website

          I was cautious to add this point in because there is a fine line between subtly reminding your audience of a sale and negatively disrupting a user’s experience.

          For those who don’t know, a pop up is a sign that temporarily takes over a site visitors’ screen to commonly present them an offer or email subscription reminder.

          If you use them correctly, they can drive additional revenue. However, they must be relevant to the users experience and easy to click off.

          Here is an example of Hyde & Hare who use this tactic brilliantly! The pop-up is on brand, easy to click off and adds value to the users experience. 

          Our creative team design pop-ups for luxury fashion, lifestyle and product based brands. Often with the aim to boost sales and add to customer database.

          Website Pop-ups | Hyde & Hare

          5. referral marketing

          Referral marketing is a super effective tactic to increase awareness and introduce your brand to a whole new pool of customers.

          This method is to incentivise your customers to spread the word about your brand. Whether they are sharing your content on social media or telling a friend about their recent purchase.

          The idea behind this tactic is that people buy from people, especially those they trust. Therefore, if your friends and family are raving about a product they bought, the likelihood is that person will then repeat the same purchasing patterns.

          A great way to use referral marketing is through giveaways on social media. This generates a huge buzz and excitement around your brand, as users share and promote your product to their followers.

          To conclude, yes the eCommerce industry is getting a little crowded but don’t let this deter you from creating a successful business. With a thorough marketing strategy that includes the tactics mentioned in this post, you will see an increase in sales in no time!

          Don’t forget, we specialise in digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. We are here to provide your business with the digital support it needs to create success and smash your goals!

          Our expert team work with so many fashion, lifestyle and product based businesses. Check out who we’ve worked with!


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