Instagram Tips: How to stand out as a business

Chloe Bucknell

Since launching in 2010, Instagram has rapidly grown into one of the most popular social media platforms. It has over 1 BILLION active monthly users!

It can be hard for small businesses to stand out. They often get swallowed up by bigger, global companies that dominate their industry.

In order to stand out, a strong social media presence is key.

Your success on Instagram will be entirely down to how well your audience are consuming your content. A good thought-out marketing strategy is necessary before you get started.


Instagram is the perfect place to share visual content. Visuals are the best way to let your audience know what your business is all about.

Visual posts produce a 650% higher engagement rate than text-only posts. If you want your audience to be glued to your page, visual content is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Compared to other popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram takes the top spot for the highest average engagement rate.

One of the most useful functions on Instagram is its ‘insights’ section. This can help your business gain a better understanding of how well posts perform.

Information such as post impressions and reach can help your business build brand awareness. You can also monitor trends in the content your audience engage with.

It is important to note that Instagram is heavily aimed at millennials. Having an Instagram presence is important for any business, however we encourage you to consider your market demographics before focusing all of your energy on one platform.

Instagram Insights



    Before you start posting any content, it’s important to know who you want to aim your brand at. Or in other words, your ‘target audience’.

    For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you’d want to aim your business at an audience that consumes fitness and lifestyle. As they will most likely be attracted to your page and want to learn more about what you do.

    Once you create a profile that will appeal to your audience, you can start to draw in more followers through the content you post.

    The visual aspect of your page is important. This will catch your audience’s attention when they first click on your page.

    In order to capture your audience’s attention, it is good for your photos and videos to have a distinctive look. This increases brand recognition and makes your feed look more aesthetically pleasing.

    If your content doesn’t visually look good, people will just keep scrolling without reading your captions. So, devoting time to make your posts look good is important if you want to attract attention.

    Of course, this all needs to align with your branding. Everything from the colour palette to the tone of voice should match with your brand identity.


      Your audience should be able to associate your colour scheme with your account. When your post pops up, people can instantly tell it’s your content without looking at your username.

      It’s important that your colour scheme stays consistent throughout your page. A jumbled selection of colours can look unprofessional and messy.

      Consistency with filters is important (if you choose to use them). Picking one Lightroom preset, for example, and sticking with it throughout.

        8. CREATE A THEME 

        As with colour schemes, sticking to a consistent theme can also help your business thrive on Instagram. So, it’s important to get your theme right early on.

        Your theme should reflect the overall aim of your business and give your audience an idea of the type of industry you operate in, whether that be fashion, travel or anything in between.

        All your content should encompass elements of your theme so that just by looking at one post, your audience will be able to tell what you’re all about.

        Having a theme for your page will definitely pay off in the long run, as it can enable your business to develop their audience, stay on track and increase their following.

          7. FEED DESIGN 

          Puzzle Feed Effect | CB Digital Design

          Your Instagram grid is what your audience will see when they click on your profile.

          Before you post, it’s important to consider how your photo or video will look on your grid.

          Your Instagram grid will just show image thumbnails of the content you’ve posted, so you’ll need to make sure your post will fit the overall theme of your page.

          There are so many ways to make your Instagram grid to stand out. One method is the puzzle effect. This is where an image will take up 6 or 9 tiles on your grid, making it looks like one enormous photo. Or you can continue a line or design throughout each image, making it look like they all connect.

          There are some really useful apps to do this, including Canva, Instagrid and Tile Pic, so be sure to check these out if you fancy trying this!

          6. EDITING POSTS

          It’s very rare that you’ll end up taking a photo from your phone and posting it straight on Instagram, as let’s face it, the lighting and saturation is never quite in our favour.

          That’s where editing apps come in.

          With so many apps now available, it’s so easy to alter any aspects of a photo that just don’t quite work for your Instagram feed.

          One of the main purposes of having a business account on Instagram is to draw people to your page, so photo editing can help you to create the best version of the photo that is possible which can increase your chances of audience engagement.

          We don’t mean changing your own appearance, but enhancing the lighting or blurring the background to emphasis the focus of the post.


            Unless you are a seriously established brand, it is rare that your posts alone will be enough for your account to attract attention. So, other actions will need to be taken.

            By commenting and liking other user’s posts, you can put your business out there to a wider audience who you probably wouldn’t have reached before.

            To increase your following on Instagram, it is beneficial to engage with users who are part of your target audience.

            Engaging with followers also adds a personal touch to your brand. It reminds customers that their is a real person behind the brand, and it is proven that people are more likely to buy from people.

              4. HASHTAG STRATEGIES 

              Hashtags are the best way to search on Instagram and are definitely a must-have for every caption you write on your posts.

              Hashtags should always be relevant to the post you’re sharing.

              Other user’s will be able to find your account using these hashtags, so it’s a great tool for increasing your following.

              We recommend you use 30 hashtags per post. Always type them in the first comment rather than the caption box, as this looks a lot smarter.

              We also encourage using geo-hashtags if you’re targeting a certain area, for example, #londonliving or #londonbound.

              Hashtags are also a good tool for engagement. You should interact with hashtags that your target audience are using. For example, if you’re a fashion brand targeting countryside lovers you could search #countrybloggersuk or #fashionblogger. By commenting or liking their posts, you are building brand awareness.

              PLEASE NOTE: Always check for banned hashtags! Not sure what they are? Click here to find out.

                3. GEO-TAGS

                One of Instagram’s most useful tools is that you can add your location to your posts, which is great if you’re a small local business!

                Geo-tagging means that if someone searches for that area, your posts will show up.

                By tagging a location, you are exposing your account to more engagement and a wider audience.

                  2. POST INTERACTIVE STORIES 

                  Instagram launched their stories feature in 2016, and let’s just say it’s been pretty popular ever since!

                  Stories can help your business engage with their audience through the use of interactive content such as polls, Q&A’s, quizzes and much more!

                  Interacting with your audience in this way can provide your business with useful insights about what your audience want to see, which can give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

                  Stories makes your audience feel more connected with your brand!

                    1. POST CONSISTENTLY 

                    This may not come as a surprise but posting consistently is the best way to attract more followers on Instagram.

                    If people keep seeing new posts on their feed, they’ll be curious to know more about what you do and will be more likely to engage with your content.

                    Remember, the more you post, the more followers you will gain! This being said, distinguishing the best times to post is important. Use your Instagram insights to find out when your followers are most active and use that information to your advantage!

                    If you’re super busy, use scheduling apps such as Sked or Later which allow you to bulk upload content. You then don’t need to worry about it!

                    Does this all seem quite overwhelming or you simply don’t have enough time in the day? That is why we offer a selection of social media management packages to fit your budget and requirements.

                    We also organise monthly content creation days, so you can make sure your brand visuals are always up to date.

                    If you’re ready to level up your social media game we suggest booking a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. You will talk to our in-house social media experts about how we can work together to build the brand of dreams!

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                    Emily Lipman

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