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Brands can be missing out on revenue when they only use one kind of model. If your brand relies on professional models, you need to rethink your marketing strategy. Research has shown that content creators are more likely to influence purchasing decisions.

However, that does not mean #gifting an item and expecting the world in return.

Content creators are humans. If you wouldn’t be willing to work for nothing, nor should they. If you’ve ever organised a creative photoshoot, you will understand the time and money that goes into equipment, props, editing and copywriting. Your product might be beautiful, but it won’t pay their bills.

So we created these monthly content days to bridge the gap and build relationships between brands and influencers.


i'm a brand
  • Hosted at different venues each month to fit with the moodboard aesthetic.
  • We capture 80% individual imagery and 20% group to show your products separately and combined. These will be mainly be portrait due to the nature being social media content focused rather than web.
  • Products will be modelled by content creators on Instagram, meaning images shared by them have a potential reach of 50,000+ followers.
  • Each month sees different models, we do ask that all influencers take a minimum 1 month gap so we can have lots of new faces taking part! 
  • All images provided royalty free in high resolution within 2 weeks of the photoshoot.
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  • We’re handpicking local venues to fit with each month’s moodboard. These are within a 15 mile radius of Nottinghamshire.
  • We understand as a content creator you prefer individual images rather than group, so we work on an 80/20 ratio.
Monthly Content Day Example Photography Moodboard
Country Fashion Blogger Content Days


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We ask you send the items to our office address no later than 1 week prior to the photoshoot. It will be your responsibility to arrange collection post-shoot.

We love working with you, but we ask on this occasion you refrain from attending & reduce any pressure on the influencers!

i'm a creator

Every shoot varies but we tend to stick to the following format:

  • Arrival between 0900-1000
  • Breakfast, tea/coffees & meet your new friends!
  • Set 1 (2 outfit changes each)
  • Break, snacks & an alcoholic beverage if you wish!
  • Set 2 (2 outfit changes each)
  • Lunch provided by the CB Digital team
  • Set 3 (2 outfit changes each)
  • Free time for you to take any additional images, purchase any items from the day or stay for another drink!
  • We aim to finish between 1600-1800

creators, book your space today…

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