Sporting Albion

Albion Sporting is a specialist in high-quality prestigious field sports accessories


Founded in 2011, Albion Sporting has a rich family history of handcrafted leather goods born out of a genuine love of the English countryside. These passions have inspired a luxurious country sports range of gun slips, cartridge bags and field sports accessories. The brand’s appreciation of quality, craftsmanship and an understanding of the sport has made it a leader in the industry. Albion Sporting products are both elegantly designed and rigorously tested for the very best in country sports accessories.

With an exceptional accessories range, the client needed a luxury agency that understood country lifestyle and pursuits and could refine and promote its brand message.


The client needed a way to bring its field sports accessories to life and to showcase the detail, variety and technical aspects of its product range. 


Following an in-depth consultation and introduction into the client’s products, CB Digital Design created an innovate hands-on campaign to present the client’s accessories range in a way that was both visually attractive and instructional.

Autumn Mock-up Game Day 

We wanted to capture the interest of potential clients by showing the luxury field sports products in action. CB Digital Design created an autumn mock-up game day that saw the products being put through their paces, as well as being teamed with stylish country attire to give the full sense of the company’s range and brand values.

We replicated every aspect of game day, with close-up shots of the construction of the gun cases, framed shots of the high-quality fittings and attention on the detail of the hand stitching and finish.  We also took close-ups of the cartridge bags to highlight the sturdy construction and superior materials, key elements important to the purchase of these specialist products.


As a leader in field sports accessories, an important aspect of Albion Sporting’s sales strategy is to communicate how well-made and technically sound their products are.

Whilst design is important, the key USPs of its products are technical know-how and solid construction. By showing the products in action and incorporating close-up shots, we were able to affirm to the customer that he or she is purchasing a truly superior product. 



Through stylised photography, Albion Sporting has achieved an innovative way of communicating the quality, craftsmanship and technical know-how of its field sports accessories. This has resulted in more website traffic and increased sales.

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