Brace of Rounton


Brace of Rounton is a luxury British fragrance brand, beautifully inspired by the countryside. Both Blush (for her) and Calibre (for him) are made to empower and captivate, adding the finishing touch to every outfit. 

Brace of Rounton, Luxury Fragrance Brand
Blush, Fragrance For Her
Calibre, Fragrance For Him
Product Photographer by CB Digital Design
Product Photography by CB Digital Design

Steph, founder of Brace of Rounton, approached CB Digital Design with big plans of how she wanted to launch her business, but she wasn’t sure how to make her dreams a reality. With thorough user experience research and testing, we created a 360 marketing strategy which would establish her brand in the competitive fragrance industry. By pushing their USP, we made sure that they would stand out from the crowd. 

Our campaign included social media management, influencer campaigns, product photography, daily engagement, weekly strategy review, competitor analysis and more. 

By combining these key digital marketing tools, within one month Brace of Rounton had a combined following of 1,000+. We were reaching (on average) 8,000 accounts a week and once the launch had peaked, we were still hitting above average figures.

We worked alongside Steph to make sure her business was being represented in a way that she was happy with, from tone of voice to influencer selection. When launching this incredible brand, our team took care every step of the way to make sure it was a huge success!


Our expert team was responsible for setting up and building a strong social media presence for this client. This involved user research and multiple social media audits to understand what engaged their target audience, on both Instagram and Facebook.

Brace of Rounton | Instagram Marketing
Brace of Rounton | Facebook Marketing

Within the initial testing phase, we saw a 4000% increase in engagement rate and a reach of 2000. 

This continued to increase by 800% and the reach averaged at 2400. 

Our Facebook strategy resulted in organically reaching 14,931 accounts in the first week. 

Throughout month 1, our posts never went below 8000 in terms of organic reach and the page hit 500 likes. 


Calibre, Fragrance For Him
Product Photography by CB Digital Design
Brace of Rounton, Luxury British Fragrance Brand
Product Photography Specialists
Blush, Womens Fragrance Brand
Product Photography by CB Digital Design

We recognise that content is an important marketing asset, and for an emerging brand it is crucial to success. Chloe (Director & Lead Designer at CB Digital Design) photographed and edited consistent, high-quality, and engaging content that was designed to impact Brace of Rounton’s target audience. 

By using this imagery on all platforms, we established credibility, trust and strengthened the brand’s upcoming reputation.

We also offer monthly content days, a fantastic opportunity for us to create you some really on-brand content for your marketing efforts. Not only will we provide you with high-resolution imagery, we have also hand-picked some of the upcoming influencers on Instagram to model on the day. These images will be shared to over 40,000 people – a HUGE opportunity to be seen by new prospect customers!


Influencer Campaign

We understand that a trusted referral is one of the most powerful tools in marketing. People buy from people, especially accounts they follow and trust.

We carefully selected 8-10 influencers to promote Brace of Rounton’s signature fragrance collection to an audience that aligned with their target market.

We have multiple systems and contracts in place to scan for bought followers and scam accounts, and also to ensure the influencers will fulfil the requirements of the brief.

This campaign resulted in a huge influx in brand awareness, which we tracked through order numbers and engagement rate.

Once the influencers started posted content, the average engagement rate for Instagram increased to 7%+ per week. Established accounts aim to reach 3-5% engagement rate, therefore we were very pleased with these results!


Eton Taylor - Social Media Management
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