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Mark Russell designs and creates unique, quality, luxury leather accessories for discerning customers across the UK.

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Mark Russell designs and creates unique, quality, luxury leather accessories for discerning customers across the UK. Their products are made from the best Italian leather, which is then carefully hand-crafted in England using heritage techniques around the art of leather making. Mark Russell stands for everything that is synonymous with the “Made in England” mark. Superior quality, timeless craftsmanship and exquisite design.

Mark Russell came to us in search of an agency that understood luxury brand placement and British Heritage brands, with the view to leveraging their brand through strategy and design.


The client wanted to reposition and elevate his brand to reflect the quality of product and expertise and establish the brand as a leader in luxury leather accessories in the UK. An established family business known for traditional values, he wanted to modernise brand perception through contemporary design and likewise reach a new audience and potential client base through social media.


Before we implemented Mark Russell`s online digital strategy, we did a full brand review to assess if the brand identity was in-line with the desired direction of the business. We identified several areas that would benefit from a cohesive brand strategy to achieve Mark`s business objectives.


Web Design

Social Media Management


To effectively position the brand’s USPs of quality, design and craftsmanship as a “Made in England” brand, we recommended a refresh of the brand’s identity, to reflect these values and align more with the target audience.

We carried out a full brand strategy review, which enabled us and the client to identify their core values and tone of voice. The research also defined their market position, their competition and gave clarity on target audience, their preferences and how to reach them.




Mark Russell now has a strong brand identity that reflects the company`s values and can be used effectively and consistently across all communications. His brand has direction, focus and a sense of place that can be applied to all business goals and objectives. The visual consistency has helped build brand awareness on-line and create impact across social media platforms to reach the desired audience.

Mark Russell Leather | British Made Belts
Brand Strategy
Mark Russell Leather | British Made Belts

In-line with this new brand identity, we gave a new creative feel to the brand, which included a sophisticated, contemporary classic palette of cream, sea blue, cobalt and navy, to reflect their core values of British heritage, tradition, exclusivity and luxury.

These guidelines have helped the client clarify the experience and personality behind the brand and ensure consistency and a cohesive approach across all their communications.

Mark Russell Leather | British Made Belts

Our social media team created a solid strategy to build online presence, drive consistency and increase engagement, turning followers into customers. The brand values come through across all social platforms and strengthened through quality visuals and photography that reflect the luxury and superior quality of Mark Russell products. In-line with the brand`s visual Identity we created custom highlight icons for the Instagram page further enhancing the brand`s visuals on-line and creating an easy user experience.

Mark Russell Leather | British Made Belts

As all company sales are generated on-line, the client chose to invest in a new eCommerce website that was attractive, reflecting the new visual branding and that had all the functionality required for the next phase of the business growth. The client wanted a website where clients would spend more time browsing, in turn increasing the number of purchases from new and return buyers. We implemented a Shopify website that would deliver all these features and make the on-line shopping process easy and seamless for customers.