Melvill & Moon UK


Melvill and Moon UK are a luxury lifestyle brand. They provide a range of luggage, bespoke furniture and accessories that are perfect for country pursuits. Not forgetting the well-known Melvill and Moon seat covers hitting the UK! All of their products are hand-made in South Africa.


Social Media Management
Blog Content & Copywriting
Digital Marketing & Strategy

Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Marketing
Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Marketing
Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Marketing
Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Marketing
Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Marketing

Steffi, director of Melvill & Moon UK reached out to CB Digital Design as she felt she was posting for the sake of it on social media. She was feeling frustrated by the lack of strategy behind her content. Struggling to take the next step in her business, we set out to create a digital marketing plan.

Together we built a content calendar, with structured content pillars to help build brand awareness. We managed content scheduling, daily customer engagement & stories on Instagram. Furthermore, introducing digital marketing strategies that tie in together; email communication, blog content & graphic design.


Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Email Marketing Campaign

We set British Melvill & Moon stockists up on MailChimp, importing an existing client database so they could segment their audience for targeted email campaigns. CB Digital Design launched their initial campaign on Black Friday 2020 with a discount that proved a success!


Melvill and Moon Blog Content Creation

We introduced the world of blogging & ways to boost SEO to Melvill and Moon UK. Check out the post we wrote for them below!


“Chloe, you and Elizabeth have done a great job and thank you for your work. I had sooooo much more time (as I wasn’t roaming through Insta – fabulous feel!) And more importantly – great posts and stories.”

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