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Mentell is a Charitable Organisation whose aim is to break the stigma around men talking about their emotions. The Mentell team host a Circle every Monday night for men (aged 18+) to talk in a safe and confidential space, free from advice and judgement.


Social Media Management

Mentell - Social Media Designs
Men's Mental Health Charity
Men's Mental Healthy Charity
Breaking the stigma around men talking
Focusing on men's mental health

Keeping to their existing brand assets, CB Digital Design are designing, writing and scheduling content which achieves their goal of building brand awareness.

Our team are passionate about reaching men across the country and relaying Mentells’ important message through our content. ⁠We are honoured to be working with such a great Men’s Mental Health charity.

As you can see in the images above, the design team created bespoke illustrations that told Mentell’s mission in a unique and engaging way. 


Batavia House / Melvill and Moon Email Marketing Campaign

We designed Mentell‘s Instagram icons to align with their existing brand guidelines.


We also designed Instagram stories to encourage engagement with their audience. By incoporating stickers and polls, we gave their followers the chance to share their opinion. From instructions to event promotion, stories are a great way to boost brand awareness!

These stories are then saved in to the highlights, which all keep to Mentell’s branding. Consistency is key!

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