Roundwood Gin

Roundwood Gin combines a passion for botanical gins with a love of the Cambridgeshire countryside.

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From their barn turned distillery in the woods, co-founders, Emily and Rupert lovingly produce a distinctive gin, with a woodland twist on the London Dry recipe. A well-composed blend of juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, elderflower and elderberries makes for a subtle, yet memorable gin that`s making quite a splash.

When co-founders Emily and Rupert decided to make Roundwood Gin into a commercial venture, they needed an agency that understood country life-style and had solid experience in digital marketing


The client wanted to market and drive brand awareness of their bespoke gin. Their brand was based on unique ingredients and strong sense of place and they needed content and assets to reflect this.


We created a social media strategy that would launch the brand quickly and effectively, this included a paid social ad campaign and a brand shoot that would provide imagery and material for a broad social campaign.


Brand Photography

Social Media Management


Our social media team created a strategy that would raise brand awareness quickly and effectively through a paid social media ad campaign, targeted at the client’s audience and demographics. We ran a series of ads that significantly raised brand awareness and increased traffic to the website.

Product Photography and Content Creation

For the launch of their social media campaign, the client needed a selection of images and photography that connected the audience with the brand, other than corporate product shots. Roundwood Gin took part in our June 2021 Content Creation Day, overseen by our creative team, we created a portfolio of imagery including product, group photo and lifestyle shots that were on brand and perfect for social media use.

The images were shared with our brand influencers with a combined reach of 60,000 prospect customers, an ideal opportunity to extend brand reach.


We created a good selection of photography that would help make the brand more accessible and engaging to prospective customers on social media.

Roundwood Gin | Cambridgeshire Gin Distillery | Social Media Management
Brand Assets
Roundwood Gin | Cambridgeshire Gin Distillery | Canva Instagram Story Templates

We created a range of custom, on-brand templates for use on Instagram, further strengthening the brand’s identity and ensuring an easy user experience.

Cambridgeshire Roundwood Gin Distillery

Our social media team created a solid strategy to build online presence, drive consistency and increase engagement, turning followers into customers. The brand values come through across all social platforms and strengthened through quality visuals and photography that depict all 5 senses experienced with Roundwood Gin.

video content
Roundwood Gin Cocktail Video Content Creation

Watch here.