The Rose Press Garden

The Rose Press Garden brings gardening to everyone through its beautifully curated seed collection and simple to follow techniques.


The Rose Press Garden with Lizzie makes gardening fun, easy and modern. Through easy-to-watch videos and online tutorials you can learn how simple it is to create a beautiful garden of your own. The Rose Press Garden also offers “seeds through your letter box” with a full range of hand-selected seeds carefully chosen by Owner Founder, Lizzie.

With a desire to bring the art of gardening to a wider audience and a broader demographic, The Rose Press Garden came to us in search of a creative digital agency with experience in lifestyle products and adept at online brand building.


The client had dual objectives it wanted to achieve; to increase online presence and brand visibility through targeted Paid Social Advertising and to strengthen and streamline Email Marketing Flows through strategically planned automations and communications.


After the initial consultation, we mapped out a Paid Social Strategy across all the main platforms. In addition, we carefully assessed the user journey online to create a series of Email Marketing Flows and Automations which would enhance the client experience and boost sales.


The client needed to improve its Email Marketing Flow to make the process easier to manage internally and to ensure it was communicating with the customer at each step of the user journey.  We integrated a series of automated email solutions into the client’s website experience with the goal of achieving more sign-ups and to take advantage of every direct marketing opportunity. This method of email marketing helped strengthen the brand’s relationship with its customer as well as translating into more sales.

The client has improved its online marketing activity through a series of bespoke Email Marketing Automations. This set of actions has brought several advantages including substantial time-saving benefits, improved marketing activities and enhanced brand perception through the streamlining of processes.


Our social media team created a strategy that would raise brand awareness quickly and effectively through a Paid Social Ad campaign targeted at the client’s audience and demographics. We ran a series of paid ads thorough Facebook and sponsored posts through Instagram that significantly raised brand awareness and increased traffic to their website. 


Our Digital Team used Klaviyo to create a series of automated emails that tailored the client’s communications to their subscriber base. We used these Email Marketing Flows to strengthen the customer client relationship, reinforce the sales process and generate more revenue for the client.

Lizzie | Rose Press Garden | Flower Seeds UK

We crafted a bespoke email welcome series for the client to greet new subscribers to the brand and to highlight and share any unique USPs and product features that differentiate their company from the competition. The welcome series was also an ideal way for the client to promote their social media channels and find out more about their customers and their preferences.


The abandoned cart email is the perfect gentle reminder to the customer to resume shopping. We created friendly wording and a simple call-to-action that encouraged the customer to proceed to the checkout and make the purchase.


Once the customer had made their purchase via the client’s website, we had established that they liked their products and we crafted an email strategy to build on this.  We created a series of templates with dynamic content that showcased other products in the client’s range. These emails feature product recommendations and call-to-action prompts and are designed to encourage the repeat purchase. Product cross-selling has not only driven more sales for the client, it strengthens the customer’s connection with their brand.