Shopify Apps for eCommerce Fashion Brands

Chloe Bucknell


The fashion industry is extremely competitive. Thousands of new retail brands launched on Shopify during the pandemic and are now fighting for the attention of consumers.

You need to do something different to stand out, but what? It is all about providing the best user experience and these apps will help you do exactly that.

So, continue reading to find out our top 6 Shopify apps for eCommerce fashion brands…

This article was written by our expert web design and development team who specialise in Shopify and WordPress.

    PageFly Page Builder

    Not a professional web designer? That doesn’t matter because PageFly is an easy drag-and-drop page builder, allowing you to design your own custom pages on Shopify.

    Building a professional looking on-brand website can be intimidating. Therefore, over 90,000 business owners use PageFly to design their website.

    This app gives you the ability to build a beautiful website without the technical side. No coding is involved, all you do is drag and drop until you’re happy with how your website looks.

    As an eCommerce business, it is important to remember that your website is your shop front. It is the first impression for many of your consumers, so it needs to reflect your brands personality.

    What better way to express that than being able to design and build a website yourself? You know your business better than anyone.

    There are no restrictions with PageFly, you will not be stopped by the expense of outsourcing or the inability to read code.

      Candy Rack

      Candy Rack is an upselling app which allows you to offer custom services or bundle products to increase traffic and conversions.

      As we mentioned earlier, the way you are going to stand out is providing the best user experience and everyone loves a bargain! Candy Rack creates an on-brand pop-up optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

      This also gives you the opportunity to cross-sell. Showing a relevant product to a consumer that they might not have come across yet.

      Upselling and cross selling are great ways of increasing revenue and encouraging return buyers.


        This is an affiliate marketing app. For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is when someone refers customers to a service or product. If this triggers a sale, the business will reward the affiliate marketer with a commission.

        This is a great marketing method to use for start-up fashion businesses because you can showcase your products, reach a wider audience and there are no up-front costs.

        UpPromote allows you to track and manage your campaign. You can find an entire team of affiliates and provide them with promotional content all through the app. It generates links, discount codes and more. You can also communicate with your team, and it is very easy to pay them (manual and digital options available).

        All orders made automatically go into a graph, so you can visually see the results. It is easy to use with detailed instructions and an on-hand support team.

          Gift Box

          Don’t you love when you get a free gift with an order? It adds additional value and builds strong customer relationships. You can generate this through the Shopify app, Gift Box.

          Gift Box allows you to implement this feature to your customers shopping experience. You can cap the number of gifts, minimum spend, only available when purchasing specific products etc.

          We strongly encourage businesses to cap a free gift, meaning a customer has to spend X amount of money to be eligible. This is a great way to motivate customers to spend more.

          This doesn’t have to be a physical product. You can also reward your customers with, for example, free shipping.

          Shop the Look

          We LOVE the Shop the Look app. It is a creative and fun way of cross-selling to customers.

          It allows you to maximise revenue and showcase more products.

          Shop The Look allows customers to view any item that the model is wearing in a product picture without having to be redirected to each individual page. It is an easy and simple way of shopping an entire outfit.

          For each product (and product page) you can set the main product and additional products.

          The additional products can then be displayed on a pop-up window, meaning the customer doesn’t have to continuously flick between pages.


   allows customers to search an image. Your website will then generate the exact or similar products shown.

            As a fashion business, this is the app you need!

   provides a quick way of finding an entire outfit, almost like a personal shopping experience!

            You are upselling multiple products, encouraging bigger sales, and making life easier for the customer. They can make on the go purchases and navigate your collection with ease.

            If you have any more questions about these Shopify apps or you would like to speak to a member of our team regarding web design, please get in touch today…


            Elizabeth Price

            Elizabeth Price

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