What is social media management?

It’s a service that provides content creation, post scheduling, strategy, audience research, follower engagement and reposting. It’s simply the easiest, most hassle-free way to keep your social media fresh and exciting at all times, without you having to lift a finger! Our aim is to help YOU grow your presence online through gaining more followers via social media, then engagr and nurture those followers to become paying customers.

How does IT WORK?

Simple! We scour your website for the latest and best material to post about. We offer a shared Google Drive which allows you to upload imagery for us to use. It could be your products, services or upcoming events.

We’ll find the juiciest angle to take to make it sound as interesting and relevant to your audience when curating the captions.

Then, we’ll create amazing, creative social media posts and release them onto your chosen platforms!

Who creates the posts?

Our experienced, UK-based team of social media creatives.

Can I see EXamples of social media posts you create?

Of course, we have some examples on our Social Media Services page, and tons more via our portfolio.

Can I pick which platforms to post to?

Yes! Depending on which package you opt for, you can choose from the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube. If you want to post to another platform that we don’t have on our list yet, just ask. We may be able to accommodate.

What days of the week will you post on?

Although we create your posts during the working week, they will be scheduled to go live on the days we agree. We will always look at your social media insights on each platform to recommend optimum days/times to post, this is when your followers are most active.

What if I want more than one post per day?

Just talk to us about adding to one of our existing packages. No brands requirements are the same which is why we tailor-make a posting regime to your exact requirements.

Where do you get the information & images you need to post to social media?

We will take it from a) your website b) any additional information you send us by email. If it is on your website, we will post about it!

We may also post relevant industry news, but always personalised to your business.

We will use: a) any images that are currently live on your website, or shared with us via our Google Drive folder, or b) any images you have already posted to social media or c) images from our fully-licensed image-bank. In the case of images we get from you, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are fully licensed. 

Can I pre-approve the posts before they go live?

We will give you access to our scheduling platform so you can always see what we have lined up, make any changes or request design amends beforehand.

What if I don’t like the posts? 

We are sure you’ll love the posts. But if, for any reason, you don’t like a specific post, you may delete it. (Do let us know what you didn’t like about it). 

How do I start? 

Just drop us a message and we will send you a form to complete. We can have content online for you within 1 week!