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Branding is more than just a logo, which is why we apply strategy & vision to ensure you have the tools to become the brand of your dreams.

Creating a brand from scratch, or rebranding an existing one can be a big step. There are many branding experts out there that can help you with it. However, not all of them offer brand strategy. In-depth brand strategy is a highly specialised skill set that takes our branding agency to another level!

As you are reading this, you have already considered the importance of a comprehensive brand strategy. 

If we decide we are the perfect fit, we’ll will be learning a lot about you and your business. So, we believe you should know a bit more about us! Our team of fully qualified marketing and branding professionals also have over 20 years combined graphic design experience. 

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As a branding agency, we love to help eCommerce business owners bring their vision to life through brand strategy and designs. Our style is very modern and sophisticated, with artistic and elegant touches. 

All of the projects that I undertake are rooted in strategy. I use this as
a solid foundation to drive the direction of your visual branding. I will work with you to discover:

*your core values, vision and goals
*articulate your ideal target audience
*research your industry and competitors
*create a custom brand strategy and identity that perfectly reflects your business

We then package this up and present it to you so that you can launch your new branding confidently and consistently!

while creative decisions will always feel subjective, it’s important to remember that branding goes far beyond the visual.


benefits your business


A branding strategy acts as a road map that focuses on long term goals. So, you will be able to build your brand in a sustainable and viable way.


It will give you an in-depth analysis of where your business is now and where you want to be. Whilst also helping you to articulate it clearly to your audience.


It will help you understand where your business sits in relation to your competitors, which in turn will enable you to see what you need to do in order to stand apart from them.


People are automatically attracted to businesses that value the same things as they do. So if you ensure you promote what you value, you will attract like-minded clients! A brand strategy document will help to really establish what your values are and how you can best communicate them to your audience in order to attract the right people.


A big part of the brand strategy is helping you really get to grips with your messaging. Understanding your tone of voice, your messaging architecture and your content pillars will help you craft the perfect content for your social media, website and all of your marketing material. It will save you guesswork when deciding on the direction that your messaging should take in order to attract your clients.


A brand strategy will enable us to craft a purposeful and impactful brand identity for you that will have been rooted in strategy. The strategy will ensure that your visuals reflect you and your business, attract your ideal clients and stand you apart from your competition, rather than just basing your visuals on personal preference and guess work.

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our branding process


We have a lot to talk about! We’re a sucker for a video call, but a good old fashioned phone call works just as well! This discovery call is an informal chat so we can get to know each other in a relaxed way and see if we’re the perfect fit for your business. It is also where we get a better understanding of your pain points and how we can solve them.


Once we’ve decided we are the perfect partnership, we will pop over a welcome pack, contract and deposit invoice to secure your date.

Once the booking is secured, we will send you your welcome pack and brand strategy questionnaire. You will need to include as much information and detail as you can when you fill this out – the more you include, the better we will understand you and your business.


As soon as your start date comes around, it’s all systems go! We will meticulously comb through your questionnaire responses and combine them with our own research and experience, to produce an in depth document that contains your full brand strategy and proposed creative direction.

There is an INSANE amount of valuable content here so this stage can take a bit of time, but it’s totally worth it!


Once the strategy and visual direction has been approved, we will start the design stage. Here we will design your full suite of logos and supporting graphics based on the strategy outlined in the previous stage.

It will hopefully be love at first sight, but if it isn’t don’t worry, two rounds of revisions are included to ensure that you are 100% in love with your branding!


Now the story doesn’t end there – to ensure that your brand is showcased consistently across your different marketing platforms, we will design a number of items of marketing material for you. We can advise on what would work best for your business – such as social media templates, business cards, thank you notes, flyers, web banners, packaging, etc.


Once everything has been created and the final invoice paid, we will send over all of your final logo files, marketing material and your complete brand guidelines.

We’ll also provide a farewell guide that includes advice on what parts of your strategy you can use where and how to use your logo files to help your business flourish.

We will also provide one/two weeks FREE unlimited email support just in case you are unsure of anything.

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