Top Tips to get your online store ready for Black Friday

Chloe Bucknell

After a chaotic 2020, one of the biggest trading events of the year, Black Friday, is just days away.  

With non-essential shops now closed, it’s no surprise online shopping orders are going through the roof. 

The world is a very different place than it was 12 months ago and as such businesses must adapt too. 

Black Friday will be different this year, but that doesn’t mean your business should suffer as a result. 

With some guidance and preparation, you can be ready to take advantage of and be ready for the weekend rush…

1. Sharpen your camera skills and get creative

Nothing captures the attention of a consumer online, like a well-taken photo of your products.

As the holiday season approaches, get in the festive spirit by having a winter-themed photoshoot with your products.

Theme your feed to be showcasing ‘Christmassy’ products to demonstrate that you are up to date with trends.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram can be great tools in showcasing your Black Friday products.

You could create festive themed boards and pin products from your shop, while detailing the product description and price.

2. Dress up your online shop window

Having a well-designed website can be pivotal in ensuring the success of your online business over the Black Friday weekend.

With the holiday season approaching, it gives you even more freedom to be creative.

Just like a physical store, shops put up big ‘Black Friday SALE’ signs to entice customers to come in and you should do the same online.

There are a number of easy tweaks you can make to get your website in the festive spirit:

  • Sales countdowns on Instagram stories: Just like a sign in a shop window, make sure people know that you have a sale about to launch! A good way to do this is using the countdown tool on Instagram so they can be automatically reminded.

  • Changing the colour scheme: Browse through an array of festive colour schemes in your design settings and find one that works for you, while keeping with your brand.

  • Background images can be simple yet effective: Re-setting your background image on your site to something a sale banner can go a long way.

  • Sales messages: Sales reminders across the top of your homepage increases customer browsing time. This will make them stick around and get those final bits and pieces ready for those Christmas stockings!
3. Focus on ‘Checkout Optimization’ 

We’ve all spent evenings browsing through our favourite online stores and adding items to our basket, only to be distracted by a phone call or by our bank balances screaming ‘NO!’

Checkout Optimisation tools re-engage potential customers who spent time browsing but didn’t make a purchase.

If given permission, you can get in touch with users to remind them they’ve got remaining items in their basket.

This increases your online traffic and turns those checkout maybes into Christmas paydays.

4. Plan for the aftermath! 

Okay so the set of golf clubs for your Dad didn’t exactly plan out the way you wanted them to.

Returning gifts can be a pain for both the customer and the business IF an effective after-Black Friday returns policy isn’t in place.

Give YOUR customer and business the best chance possible by offering an extended return period over the holiday season.

5. Going the extra mile with that personal touch 

In the run-up to the holiday season, a high percentage of your business’ sales will be bought as gifts.

Personalisation could be a key pull for those looking to complete their Christmas shopping online.

Offering personalised gift-wrapping and ensuring delivery in time for the holidays gives consumers piece of mind.

For example, Companies like Amazon offer the customer the option at checkout to select “This order is bought as a gift.”

6. Power of the written word 

We all have that one family member we have no idea what to get for Christmas.

Gift guides and blogs are the go-to for those hard to shop-for family members and are often great sources of inspiration.

Reaching out to bloggers can prove very beneficial to your online business, but the pitch to bloggers needs to be done right.

At this time of year, bloggers are as busy so your pitch needs to stand out and showcase the very best your online store has to offer.

Having high quality, creative photos can be of a real benefit here in showcasing what is your products.

7. Engaging with customers by email 

Emailing customers and notifying them about your sale is as effective as any new innovative marketing technique.

Business to customer personalisation is key to marketing success.

Email Marketing is very much tried and tested and can work wonders for your online traffic as Black Friday grows closer.

Again, contacting customers with a discount code for their purchase can work very nicely here.

Whether it’s a discount code or full site sale, it’s important to let your email subscribers know.

Give you loyal customers a reward for their on-going support.

8. Most importantly… Discounting done right!  

There is huge competition surrounding the holiday offers with Black Friday, Cyber Monday AND Christmas being only a month apart!

Offering a discount code in the run-up to the Black Friday weekend can benefit your business’ pockets.

Offering a small discount can entice customers to shop at your online store whilst also making them feel special and valued.

In another attempt to reward loyal customers, you could offer an additional discount code such as ‘THANKYOU10”, which would give them 10% off their next purchase.

This is a really valuable tool in retaining customers for future business.


I know what you’re thinking… Black Friday is only TWO DAYS AWAY!

However, there is still time to make sure that people shop with you over this all-important weekend.

This has been a very difficult year for consumers but also the businesses themselves.

Many small businesses have been forced to close their doors.

CB Digital Design are here to help you adapt to the digital marketplace to make sure you business is a success!

With more and more consumers choosing to fill their Christmas stocking online, this is a huge opportunity for your online store to really make its mark this Black Friday.

These top tips will set you up for success this weekend and gives your business a chance to end a very difficult and stressful year on a high.

To plan a strategy that goes beyond this weekend, check out our Christmas Marketing Tips blog post!

Cormac Clarke

Cormac Clarke

Marketing Intern

CB Digital Nottingham Marketing Agency