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CB Digital is a luxury design agency based in the Midlands, UK with clients across the globe. We specialise in strategy-led brand design, innovative websites and creative social media for B2B, retail & lifestyle brands.

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Top Tips to get your online store ready for Black Friday

After a chaotic 2020, one of the biggest trading events of the year, Black Friday, is just days away.   With non-essential shops now closed, it’s no surprise online shopping orders are going through the roof.  The world is a very different place than it was 12 months...

Christmas Marketing for E-Commerce Businesses

THINK PREPARATION, PLANNING AND OF COURSE, PRICE REDUCTIONS! It’s safe to say that Christmas is going to be different this year, with the vast majority of the general public not being able to shop in person like they usually would.  And as the festive season draws...

How Small Businesses can survive Lockdown 2.0

It’s time for small businesses to think digital in order to maximise profits during the holiday period.It goes without saying that the online shopping industry is BOOMING this year. With non-essential shops closed, people are having to turn to online to buy...

Top Tips on How to Start a Business Blog

What is a blog? The Oxford English Dictionary defines a blog as; “a website containing a writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.” Before going into marketing, I saw blogging as...

Social Media from a Small Businesses’ Perspective

Every business starts small! Companies around the world are posting images of where they began and where they are now, most of their growth is down to social media presence. Take the fast fashion company Pretty Little Thing for example, their brand exemplifies the...

Social Media Sizes 2020: cheat sheet

If you want to DIY your brand online, rather than hiring a graphic designer, here are some handy sizing tips! This is our social media sizes cheat sheet that will make your brand look smarter online. FACEBOOKFacebook is the largest social media now and you don’t want...

So, what is tone of voice?

If you’re considering a tone of voice scheme for your brand, this should help. This post outlines how tone of voice works and suggest ways it could be done better. At CB Digital, we create tone of voice schemes for brand consultancies and direct for brands. We see...

How To Increase Your Social Media Presence

In the world we live in today, digital marketing, in particular social media is an integral component to all marketing strategies. This blog discusses ways in which you can increase your social media presence and ultimately, strengthen your brand awareness. Whether...

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people are on some type of social media


of all mobile users are searching for local businesses


of website traffic is from search engines

blogs per month on your website averages a 200% increase in traffic

This goes to show the importance of social media, content, SEO, video & more. So, why not let us help you get the results you deserve?

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